Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cut Cable = Dead Website

This is what a main line of fiber optic cable looks like when it's been cut by an unaware construction crew: Unfortunately, this cable was what connected my webhost's servers to the Internet. This is part of the backbone of the Internet. Here is the page at my web host with the full story and more pictures. This kind of stuff happens - I understand. I just wish it would happen at a time when I haven't just told 700 people (at least) about and the weblog. I also have a lot of other stuff hosted there, like the membership database for an organization I webmaster for. They don't use it a lot except for recording attendance after their monthly meetings. This month's meeting was ... you guessed it ... yesterday. It also means that all email for was off today. And, my seminar on Blogging is tomorrow. Whew! I'm sooooo glad it's back up. Actually, I am so glad that I won't even complain about it being down today. That didn't sound like complaining above did it? Actually, I feel really sorry for the owners of the webhost ... can you imagine?

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