Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Living High

17 stories high that is! Our friends, Diane and Andy sold their house to enable them to do more RVing, but they still wanted to have a stationary home - just smaller, so they bought a condo in a high rise in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Personally, I see no need for such wheel-less living! But, if you must, it's kinda cool to be in a spot where you can walk or ride bike to anywhere, store, restaurant, beach - it's all right there. Here's Diane on her balcony browsing the Internet on the free Wi-Fi that covers the downtown Fort Lauderdale University district. Actually, that's Jim's computer that we brought because we wanted to see if there really was a 'Free Wi-Fi that covers downtown Fort Lauderdale'. Although we could see 32 wireless networks and a couple of them had names like FtLaudFree, none of them were good enough to actually allow browsing. Diane and Andy are no dummies, they have DSL for their computers! And here's the view from their bedroom balcony. When did Fort Lauderdale get so sophisticated? And, take a look at the rooftop pool! Diane and Andy, thank you so much for hosting us last night. It's good to have friends in high places! But, we mostly look forward to seeing you on the road again in your 'real' home. Here's the gang ... left to right: Glenn, Mom (Marilyn), Andy, Geri, Dick, Diane, Jim - and me on the other side of the camera!

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