Thursday, August 17, 2006

Seminar Wrapup

We just presented our last seminar - "Every RVer Needs a Blog". When we left there, we went over to the Road Connect Wi-Fi hotspot just to check on it and see if all was well. One seminar attendee had beaten us there and was already busy creating his Blog!! Oh my, what's this?!?! ... I just got an email from him:
Here's a link to my NEW BLOG. I attended your seminar this morning, took my computer to the [WiFi hotspot] and created our BLOG. Thank you for introducing us to a whole new world on the computer. Harry-F65124
This has been SO great! We want to do lots of rallies. We had lots of fantastic feedback. Some of the comments I remember: From a Picasa seminar attendee:
I've been using Picasa for several months, but I learned a lot of new stuff in your seminar. I went right to my computer and played for hours.
From a Wi-Fi seminar attendee:
I attended your Wi-Fi seminar *both* times it was offered, there was so much good information.
And, there were lots more. As I mentioned in a previous post, we had about 400 attendees in the first Wi-Fi seminar, about 50 in the second, almost 200 in Picasa, 150 in Safe Computing, and 60 in the Blogging seminar. Our seminar attendees are happier and better-looking than the average RVer, don't ya think? If you'd like a copy of any of the seminar handouts, just click on the link below. Please ... they're for personal use only ... if you want to present a seminar - you'll need to hire us! Seminars and Seminar handouts. And, if you want some of the actual training, we have created some video tutorials on much of the subject material in our seminars. We've just started this, so keep checking back for more. If you want us to present at your rally - send me an email: chris at (You know the drill - replace ' at ' with @. Just trying to avoid a little bit of the spam I get.) Thank you FMCA. And Thank you Road Connect/Coach Connect

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