Monday, August 14, 2006

Setup Day

The motorhomes are movin' in. And, they did end up moving us to the infield after all. Pretty cool. We're right next to the entrance and a very short walk to the Information Center where we'll be running the WiFi hotspot for Road Connect (aka Coach Connect). Click on the image below for a larger version - I put 3 photos together for this one. Jim spent part of the day setting up the WiFi hotspot. There were already people waiting in line to use it. It's an interesting location - we're in the garages for the racetrack. Luckily the weather has turned a little cooler, so they have the garage doors open and there's a breeze. The electricity is available from cables hanging down from the ceiling. A little unusual, but everything is working great. We also walked around and checked out the room where we're giving our first seminar. Looks like it's all set up. The FMCA has been doing this for lots of years. They have their act together. While Jim was setting up the WiFi hotspot, I had time to work a little more on my tutorial videos. I uploaded a couple new ones on 'How to make a Blog'. Check it out at

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Anonymous said...

Listened to your tutorial on blogs. How cool to hear your voice! I've followed Odie's Roadies since you began and it's nice to put a voice with your face. Although I am a long time blogger, I did learn something in the first chapter of the tutorial. I'll be listening to the rest. My miniature poodle, Jazz, says woof to Odie.