Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Travel Day

We left my Dad's this morning early ... 9:30 - cuz we had a long day planned. He lives in horse country. Aren't they beautiful? After 8 hours we pulled into The North Shore Resort at Lake Oconee. This is one of the parks where we don't have to pay anything because of the Thousand Trails membership we purchased a couple weeks ago. WoW!!! It's beautiful here. We were planning to go into Atlanta tomorrow and visit the Jimmy Carter presidential library. But, now we're planning on a relaxing morning right here, then continuing on towards North Carolina. We will be back. We'll see the Carter library sometime, I have no doubt. Posted by Picasa

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Missy's Doodles said...

W-O-W! Your own private Sun Deck and boat launch and beach...and how much did you say you are paying? $0.00 I'd kill for a deal like that!

I guess someeday I need to go check out the East Coast. I don't know too many places here on the West Coast that can offer anything close to that for under say $80.00/night