Friday, August 25, 2006

Morning Paddle

Instead of our morning walk this morning we took a morning paddle! This is when our mild-mannered poodle turns into .... TA DAAAAAAA *Kayodie* What fun. Today was a first ... he stood in his figurehead position for the entire paddle (about an hour) and didn't fall off once. He made it all the way back to shore and jumped off the kayak just as dry as can be. Ok, it's almost noon. Time to get to work. I promised my client a phone call at 4 today to review my progress on their database project. hmmmmm, noon to 4. I'd say that's a perfect work schedule!


Anonymous said...

Odie you kept dry on your kayak paddle but did your ship mate keep dry also?

How do they get in and out of that little boat?

enjoy your traveles.


KettleCornBusiness said...

To see flash movie about traveling in Florida in our RV, click here: The Dacrons flash travel blog WARNING: can get very silly at times. :-)