Sunday, August 20, 2006

Stay at Home Projects

We decided to stay put for another day and take care of some projects. I picked the mundane job of laundry - then I had lots of computer projects. Jim decided to tackle the ugly project of checking into why our blackwater has been leaking when we dump. Nasty. So, he took everything apart and saw the problem. If you look closely at the big vertical pipe on the right, you'll see a gap. Jim had to close that gap and reattach the rubber gasket that holds the top and bottom together. It took some doing and I had to crawl under the coach and help at one point - but, he got it all put back together nice and solid. Whew. Shower time :-) hmmmm - I wonder what that would have cost at an RV place? When he finished the sewer project, Jim was all set to find another motorhome project, but, alas, it was not to be. My computer gave one little hiccup and just went black. I turned it off and turned it back on ... nothing. Hey Jim! I got your next project for you. Here he is with my computer all apart and blowing out the dust bunnies using an attachment on a scuba tank! -that's how he inflates our tires too. They do get dirty traveling on the road. After a few hours of Jim's magic, my computer restore CDs and a few incantations - my computer came back to life. So, my project was to make some complete backups ... immediately! I did have backups, but they were a few weeks old. Posted by Picasa As it turned out, I had some bad DVDs and the backup process took me a few hours. There goes my time for computer projects. But, I'm thrilled that my computer is back in business. I'm doing enough 'real work' projects these days that I decided it was time for a daily backup process. We like Karen's Replicator for that. So, there went another couple hours, downloading, installing, setting up and running the backup to my external drive. I'm going to bed :-) But, I can sleep tight knowing that both our motorhome and my computer are clean and safe. p.s. If you notice something different about the photos in this post, it's because I downloaded the latest update to Picasa. So, I figured I'd try the 'Blog This' feature again. It works better than it did - but it still won't upload more than 4 photos at once. And, it doesn't let you determine exactly where to upload them to. So, it works - but I still like the blogger way better.

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