Thursday, August 10, 2006

Greetings from South Carolina

We've traveled over 900 miles since leaving Fort Lauderdale. Heading basically north all the way. And, if anything, it's hotter and more humid than when we left. We're not up in any mountains, but we are in the hills. The altitude reads 600 feet. The thermometer said 92 at 6pm and the humidity had us sweating buckets in our short walk with Odie. Here's our site at Carolina Landings. Not as exciting as our last site, but still nice. We're just glad that the satellite worked. There's LOTS of trees here. We ended up visiting the Carter Library after all today. Mainly because our satellite Internet connection wasn't working for us this morning, so we left. Apparently they were having very bad weather at the Network Operations Center in Maryland. I did use the cell phone just to check email. See our other blog (the technology one) for more details on our various ways to connect to the Internet. Back to the Carter Library ... It used to be, when I visited a place like a presidential library, I would buy a book in the gift shop to bring home and read more. Living in a motorhome, you just can't collect stuff like that, so I spend some time reading on the Internet. I find WikiPedia to always have the most complete information. Anything you want to know about Jimmy Carter is there.

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