Sunday, August 27, 2006

Jimmy gets a Blog!

Yesterday, both Jim and I spent most of our time on Jimmy's computer stuff. He has a scanner that has never worked with his new computer. Apparently, something got installed - or not - along with the scanner that simply didn't work. It took many hours and a few support calls, but Jim finally got the bad stuff UNinstalled and was able to successfully install the scanner. Now Jimmy can get out all those old slides and scan them into the computer. Jim also made sure the computer was up to date with other drivers, operating system, and virus / spyware protection. Then what's he gonna do with those scanned photos? That's where I came in - I registered a domain for him - - and set up a Blog and an email address. Actually, along with the domain comes 500 email addresses! So, we set up one for everyone in his extended family! Jim downloaded Picasa onto Jimmy's computer and showed him how to use that to upload bunches of photos into WebAlbums. So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out at You can see the photos from our last 3 nights of partying in a row! Odie mirrors how we feel today! By the way ... there's a comment to my last post from someone who links to their flash travelog. Check 'em out - they're a hoot. hmmm, wonder if I could do that. It's a bit of work but it would be fun.

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