Monday, August 14, 2006

RV Dreamin'

Since we've been working with Coach Connect/Road Connect and the WiFi in RV parks industry for 3 years now, we're starting to think it's 'old hat' and everyone knows all they need to know and can use WiFi anytime they want. So, imagine our surprise when over 400 people show up for our WiFi seminar today. That's a dream come true to have that many people interested in what we have to say. And, they stayed till the end too. Of course, Jim was really interested in Tom Petty's racecar in the back of the room! But there's another reason I named this post 'RV Dreamin' and that's because of a web-based radio station that we've recently discovered called RV Dream Radio. As a 'everything about RVing radio station, they are covering the FMCA convention here in Charlotte/Concord and they interviewed us tonight! I'll post a detailed link on how to listen to the interview as soon as I get to hear it. That is, if we sound ok. :-)

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Anonymous said...

I thing we passed you on Interstate 77 in north carolina. My wife jumped out of her chair as we have never seen another Safari Class C
Love your site. I envy you