Sunday, October 22, 2006

Eight Loads of Laundry?!?

I used 3 of those Double-Load tumbler type of washing machines and 2 regular washing machines. So, technically that's 8 loads right? If you've watched the photos in this Blog, you know that we are not slaves to fashion, so where did all those clothes come from? Well, yesterday was 'fall-cleaning' day. I washed the summer quilt cuz it's time to switch to the 'winter' quilt! And I washed the throw rugs as part of a complete cleaning of the coach. We're on our way to the Datastorm rally this week and we volunteered to be on the 'tour of homes' where people will come visit us and we get to show off our motorhome. You know the main reason I did that was to give us a reason to clean right? I even washed the dog! He's not speaking to me now. Teamwork is so important. Here's how ours works: 1. I decide the refrigerator needs defrosting and cleaning. So I turn it off, open the doors, and leave. Jim removes the food, cleans off the ice, wipes it down, puts the food back and turns it back on. 2. I decide the mini-blinds need to be washed. So I unlatch them from their positions, put them outside, then get on the phone. Jim washes them with hose, brush and soap/wax. Rinses them. Hangs them to dry. Later he brings them back in and reinstalls them. 3. Jim washes the outside of the rig. I vacuum the carpet inside (we have tile all thru the coach except a few square feet around the bed). I love teamwork! (hey! I did 8 loads of laundry. ok) hmmm - I think George is right. The rig does get shinier the more it's washed. Jim last washed it just 10 days ago when we were in Arkansas. Reading George's blog has motivated Jim. See the Oct. 10 entry. So, it's off to Kerrville today for the Datastorm Users' rally. We will be giving our seminars and taking some too! I'll try to take lots of photos on the Home Tour for you to see. Looks like fun.

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Anonymous said...

No wonder he is not talking to you. You're not supposed to put him through the spin cycle!