Saturday, October 07, 2006

Greetings from Tennessee

Good to be on the road again! And, Tennessee is another new state for our map. The Nashville skyline was pretty impressive. We didn't stop - just drove by. Our destination for the next 2 nights - Thousand Trails, Natchez Trace. It is SO beautiful here. And, it's huge. This is one RV park that actually deserves to be called a 'resort'. Natchez Trace is a Parkway in the National Park system - so we get to add that to our list of National Park properties that we've visited on our RV journey. Hey Diane! Have we beat you yet? How about you - Lynne? We're planning to go visit the Merriweather Lewis memorial that's just a few miles away. But, first, Jim has to take care of a little detail ... It's been on our list to get new tires for the Honda for a while. Looks like now is the time. Jim learned that there's a Walmart just 20 minutes away. So, get out the 'Fix a Flat' for now and he can make it to the store.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jim and Chris,
Great site. It was a pleasure meeting you guys on your journey through our beautiful state. I was the handsome Real Estate Salesman you met with the 3 kids at Meriwether Lewis Park off of the Natchez Trace. I love you site, and have been contemplating a web diary of our family adventures. Your site/blog looks great. Continue seeing great things and meeting cool people. I have saved your site as a fav and will be checking your journey for future excursions of my own. Best Wishes from the guy you met in Tennessee!

Chris Williams
120 Sunnyside Lane
Columbia TN 38401

Diane said...

Sorry, girlfriend, but you got a ways to go to catch up to us :)

We've hit 82 National Park sites life-to-date (actually, that's only counting those that we've been together).

We probably won't be able to add much in the next two months...but wait til next year!

Glad to see you two on your new bikes. We'll be thinking of you when we pedal around Mt Dora this weekend.