Thursday, November 08, 2007

Birthday Dinner

We are now 'legal' here at Palm Creek. You see, this is an age 55 plus park and, up until today, neither of us has been 55. Those days are gone - my birthday today ended that :-( When we saw the 'start of season celebration' dinner party was scheduled for today, we had to sign up. I mean they must have scheduled this just for me right? Would you believe the party started at 3:30?! I actually like it. We had a full 4 hours of drink, dinner, conversation and entertainment and still were home before 8. I have time to walk the dog and post to the blog before crashing! We rode bikes up to the ballroom where the dinner was held. We saw old friends, and met some new ones. The woman seated beside me at the table had the same name as my grandmother - Zella - I enjoyed talking with her. And, my sweet husband was on my other side. People asked us if we are newlyweds! They say we're so nice to each other! The food was excellent (pulled pork and taco fixin's) and the entertainment was inspiring. Flamenco guitar and dancers - see My only regret is that we didn't take the video camera. Lots more photos on the Web Album. I think 55 plus ain't gonna be so bad!
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Andy said...

Happy Birthday!! So, down the road I can look forward to eating dinner at 3:30? That's gonna interfere with my mid-afternoon snack!

Mike McFall said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

From: Mike & Pat McFall

Anonymous said...

It was nice that someone gave you a birthday party - with such colorful entertainment! And I see you got a new shirt for the occasion. Of course, the show wasn't as terrific as your 50th; I see you didn't put on your high heeled shoes and partcipate. Yes! 55 plus isn't at all bad.
Love, Emily

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chris!!!