Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jim's Turn

Well, I'm feeling better now, and Jim is down for the count. It's so weird to be alone ... when you're not. He was committed to monitor the computer room this afternoon, and he made it. So, I did a WiFi service call. Geeez, this technology is a killer. It works, and it doesn't work. There are SO many factors. You really have to spend a full day or more with someone's computer, in their location, to determine what the problem is ... IF there's a problem. But people don't have an appreciation for the complexity, they just want it to work. Duh.
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Geek Alert!!

(Hey, guys --

Why not post EVERY day to keep the momentum up and the site doesn't have to be a whole lot!!! A couple of lines of copy, a pic or two. Zip over to Tioga/George for some inspiration

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