Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Catching up

Geez - 5 days since my last post. Days slip by unnoticed when you're parked. When we're traveling, each day is so new, time goes by slower. Sitting still is good also though ... a little time to relax ... some time to get involved with the community. We didn't go on the Friday hike last week because there was an organizational meeting of the Palm Creek Computer Club. Sounds like something we should be involved in right? Saturday we presented our 'Safe Computing' class. Sunday, I gave myself permission to take the whole day to read a book and hang out by the pool. aaaaaahhhhhhh Jim did some computer support/service calls and worked in *his* computer room, getting all the computers set up how he wants them. My 'veg' day turned into 2 days since I came down with some kind of bug that had me hugging the toilet and nursing a fever. I cleaned myself up enough to go help Jim present our 'Slide Shows with Photostory 3' seminar. I think that's my favorite seminar. Photostory is so cool - the slide shows it creates are wonderful, and so easy. AND - you can *really* teach it in our 1.5 hour format. It's that easy. To see a sample of a Photostory slide show, just go to our www.geeksontour.com home page ... in the first paragraph, click on the link to our introductory video. To see the class handout, go to the 'Articles & Lins' page - it's down at the bottom. Feeling fine today and have a lot to catch up on!>
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