Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hike to the Lost Goldmine

We went with the Palm Creek hiking club to the Superstition mountains and hiked 5-6 miles on the Lost Goldmine trail. It was wonderful to go with a group because we carpooled and made arrangements for half of the cars to be at one trailhead, and the other half to be at another. So, we didn't have to walk in and out ... we just kept going. Jim says he found the mine ... but he's not telling where! (see .kmz file) Arizona back country scenery is so unique and beautiful. The Saguaro cactus are like giant friendly sentinels waving as we go by, and the mountains are huge, rugged rocks, towering over it all. Then there are the little landmines called Cholla. Sometimes called 'Teddy Bear' Cholla because they look soft and furry, they are actually deadly little spears that must be avoided at all cost. It felt so good to do some hiking, reminding me of my backpacking days - long gone. The wilderness is beautiful, but we also had a very harsh reminder of the dangers. One of the hikers had an incident with dizzines and heat exhaustion. It hit him just about halfway on the trail. When it became obvious he would not be able to walk out, 911 was called - the Search and Rescue and Paramedics came out, eventually using a helicopter to take him to the hospital. We hear he is OK now. The wilderness, even on a day hike, is not to be taken lightly!
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