Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lunch in Key West, Dinner in Arizona, Pickleball anyone?

That's right ! After sending Jim off to work this morning ....

Here he is in his 'office' ... the Palm Creek computer room I did a little computer work, and a little laundry, then I prepared to meet Lynne and John for lunch at the Hog's Breath Saloon in Key West Florida! You see, there's a geocache there, and it was my job to record their photos from the webcam to prove that they found the 'cache'. After lunch it was back to work. Then, after dinner we played pickleball. That makes two nights in a row that we played after dinner. What a great time. They have bright lights you can turn on at the courts, but nobody else is there. We get to make fools of ourselves all alone! I took some pictures at the courts earlier in the day to show how busy it is getting ... Much too intimidating! I just go to walk Odie in the dog run that's right next to the courts.

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1 comment:

Glennuba said... need to feel intimidated..just show up in your Daisy Dukes (OK wear full shorts) with a 6 pack and you should fit right in. If they want to wear tennis whites that's their issue. Tell them Sorena has a better tan. You've hit on quite a nice place to 'weather' out the winter. I look forward to seeing you and Jim again sometime soon. :-)