Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Geek Work

This weekend we gave our "High-Speed Internet on the Road" seminar. We discuss the 3 choices: Satellite, Cellular, and Wi-Fi. Most of the class discusses Wi-Fi because that is the most popular choice and there is a LOT to know about it. The seminar is also sponsored by MatrixRV who provides the Wi-Fi here in the park. Here's a video giving just a taste of our seminars: Then, Sunday, Jim had an unusual assignment - to take a Datastorm satellite dish down from a motorhome's roof! When you put a dish up, it is on a mounting plate that makes it easy to just slide on the ladder. When you take one down, you leave the mounting plate on the roof - no holes that way - making it much more difficult to get it down a ladder. I'm not sure what is wrong with it - it's not one of Jim's installations. The people had to get on the road, and, since Jim had helped them with some issues over the phone in the past - they trusted him to take it and see if he can fix it. That's nearly 100 pounds he's holding on to there. As for me, I'm just writing and doing web-work. Not much to take a picture of there. So, here's a picture of pretty flowers! With the Arizona setting sun for lighting, they're even more brilliant than normal.
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Anonymous said...

MatrixRV is excited to know you are teaching about WiFi!!