Thursday, January 31, 2008

Classes and Plays

We had a nice turnout for our Vista class on Monday. And, here's a picture of the ladies in my 'Computer Confidence' hands-on class. This evening is the last session. Here they are learning by watching their DVD of Geeks on Tour video tutorials. Teaching the class this way allows them to learn at their own rate. It reminds me of language lab in high school. hmmm, it *is* a kind of language isn't it? Jim is teaching a 'How to set up your own wireless network' for the computer club this afternoon. I'm looking forward to being a student in that one! Right now he's out and about in the park troubleshooting their wireless network! We're not taking advantage of many of the fun things this park has to offer because we're just too busy. But, they asked us to attend the play the other night, "Death By Chocolate" and take photos. Darn! We had to go out and play for the evening. It was really good - quite funny. I posted lots more photos on the Palm Creek Blog. There was even a love? scene:
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