Friday, January 11, 2008

First Booth Day

We're having gorgeous weather here in Indio California. That white you see in the distance is not clouds - that's mountains with snow! It really is an awesome sight, from down here in the Palm Desert area you look west and are met with a wall of mountains. I think our booth came together quite nicely.

We're in the corner, which isn't the best for traffic, but it allows us to set up our projector and show the videos. And, our display of videos is very visible. It's also easy to tell that we sell Datastorms as well since we happen to have a used one to display right now. And, if people are looking for 'Geeks on Tour' - they can't miss our pretty new sign! Sales were sure disappointing though. Our plan is to sell 100 CDs/DVDs. Let's just say ... we have 98 to go!

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