Monday, January 07, 2008

Production Mode

Hard to believe that our little 30 foot home and office can also be a production center - but that's the case tonight. We're producing our CDs and DVDs. We're getting ready to go to the FMCA Western Area Rally in Indio, California. We'll be doing two of our seminars at the rally, but we don't get paid anything for that. In the past, we've either passed on these opportunities, or gotten a sponsor. This time we're trying out having a booth and selling our CDs and DVDs. I sure hope it goes well - this is a lot of work. And, of course the work started over a year ago when I started recording the video tutorials. Jim spent some time last week making a tabletop display. I'm copying the disks, and printing the labels for them. Thank goodness for our cab over - it becomes our staging area. It still got a little too crowded for Jim so he decided to go to his 'office' (the computer room) to do his part.
mmmm ... I'm falling asleep to the whir of my disk drives.
Aha - Here's Jim. Take a look at the covers he made:
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