Sunday, January 20, 2008

Honey, your camera is ringing!

I haven't told you about our new cell phones! We really don't celebrate Christmas, but it was a great excuse to buy ourselves something we've been wanting. Our cell phones, for Verizon, were getting pretty old. And, we learned that some of the new phones could be used, tethered to our computers, to get online with broadband without a 2 year contract. Here they are. Aren't they cute?! Open 'em up and there's a full qwerty keyboard. Maybe I'll learn how to text message now.
And, it really does work to 'tether' the phone to the computer with a USB cable. The cable is purchased separately with the 'mobile office kit' for about $30. We've heard from some people that they are getting online this way and only being charged for the time online ... about $2/day. That would be fabulous! We were told that we have to add the Broadband Access to our service, and it costs $60/mo.
hmmmm? We were given 1 month free promotion, so we tried it. It works pretty good. Jim did a couple speed tests and got 300 - 1,000 kbps download speed. We really don't trust those numbers too much. The proof is in the video! While 'tethered' to the cell phone, he was able to watch a youtube video with little or no interruption. He could browse to this blog and scroll down to the bottom, seeing all the pictures. But ... if it *really* costs $60/mo, we can't do that. Since we have the satellite dish (and we're on a legacy $115/mo plan) we can't justify another $60/mo just to play with it! Even at $60/mo it's an interesting option for lots of RVers. Using a data card for cellular Internet access requires a 2 year contract at $60/mo. This 'tethered' option can be turned on/off month to month. So, it could be a good option for people going on a 2 month trip. The amazing thing about this phone is that it is a camera, a video camcorder, a music player, a gps navigation system, an email machine, a video player, and a web-browsing machine ALSO! Of course, all of these things require extra fees :-( but, the technology is nothing short of amazing. I remember when the Internet and Web were first becoming popular we speculated about the computer merging into the TV or the TV merging into the computer. It NEVER occured to us that both of them would be merging into the telephone! And, a tiny little mobile telephone at that. AND - in addition to TV, computer, and phone - it's a camera too. whew! This video was taken with my new cell phone.
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Anonymous said...

hi just looked at your blog noticed the video you took with you new cell phone is a blank page. am i doing something wrong to view it. or is it something wrong with the phone

Chris Guld said...

It's actually a Youtube video now. I uploaded it from the phone. It works on my computer and one other I tried. Maybe you just have to wait a few minutes for it to load. It's also on Youtube

Debbie and Joe said...

This is amazing--although I still haven't figured out how to get the photos out of my "regular" phone :) I assume that because this is a phone, you can go online while you are driving? If so, this is exactly what we needed for our 1-month trip last September. Thanks for the info!