Wednesday, January 09, 2008

FMCA Western Area Rally

Where am I? What day is it? And, what am I supposed to be doing? I am completely discombobulated. We are in Indio, California ... I think :-) We are here for the FMCA Western Area Rally. We've only attended the national rallies in the past, but, I gotta say, this looks just as big! We were told they expect 1500 rigs here. We pulled in about 4:30 yesterday and were greeted with, "The Geeks are here!" And, when we got closer, Odie jumped up and looked out the window. The parking volunteer responded with, "Hi Odie!" Pretty cool. Here's our parking spot. We spent today trying to prepare for our booth. We don't have a clue what we're doing. I think a good night's sleep is in order.
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Bill and Linda said...

Just a thought, your dark green background and not so white letters makes it hard for these old eyes to read your blog entry. Any chance you could adjust for easier reading?



Chris Guld said...

I made the text a little lighter an a little bigger. Hope that helps. Thanx for the comment.