Monday, January 21, 2008

Marathon Runner and Black Belt Tennis Player Catches Thief

This post's title is the headline I saw last night while watching the news after the Green Bay/New York game.

Not a big deal, usually. Then the video started. There, on the news, was our friend Margo Foster. I've known Margo and husband Tom longer than I've known Chris. We are old dive buddies.

Last Friday, Margo came home from tennis practice and found a burglar in her house. The surprised burglar fled the house with Margo in hot pursuit! She struggled with him in the back yard before he got away and ran down the street. That would have been more than enough for most women I know. But Margo is not like most of the women I know. She took off after him and easily caught up with him about 7 blocks from her house. She wrestled him and held him until the cops arrived.

Margo's husband, Tom was the best man at our wedding. When I talked to him today, he asked if I was surprised at what Margo had done. No, not at all. I was surprised that the burglar survived with all his parts intact.

Here is a link to the video.

Way to go, Margo!

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Anonymous said...

Bloody perfect!!!! This news footage was played here in Jax as well and at the party I was at we were all cheering her on. Sometimes Karma is such a blessing. Whooo!!!!! That's funny, what a small world.

William Kenneth Hatch said...

I am certainly glad the perp didn't have any weapons and I am happy that Margo wasn,t injured, it was a big risk to do what she did. I'm glad all turned out well. Having said that I might have done the same thing, but I am 6'3 250 lbs. however I doubt that I would have been able to catch him if he got away from me the first time. It is allways exciting when the bad guy gets his due.
Hey guys. I am still on track to hit the road on April first. If you havent checked out my blog it's
Can't wait to see you guys on the road.