Wednesday, April 30, 2008

George gets a Visa, I mean Vista

Actually, I think he got a Visa in order to travel to Israel, but he got Vista on his new computer. Our friend and blogging guru of Tioga and George is on his way to Israel for a non-RVing travel experience. Before taking this jaunt, he determined that he needed a new computer. He planned a layover in Miami and ordered a computer to replace his 3 year old laptop, 'Ms. GQ.' The new computer was shipped to our address, and we spent the day today with George and his new computer. It's more work than one might hope to transfer all the important stuff from one computer to another. After several hours, both Jim and George seemed pretty happy with the results - a good sign! Here they are, hard at work at my Mom's house. I was a little worried (hey! that's my job.) Getting a new computer before an overseas trip is kind of like getting new boots before a big backpacking trip .. you might be in for a lot of blisters. I get a real charge out of the comments on George's blog referring to his purchase of a computer with Vista. Apparently, you either love it, or you hate it!

  1. I have a Vaio with VISTA. Love it. Works great with my programs. Easy to use.
  2. .. get a copy of WinXP Home. Remove Vista. The only way to have compatibility. Vista is a bust.
  3. ... Vista ... works sooo much better than XP. You need to learn how to use it.
  4. ... I am back on XP after VISTA and now I am looking at UBUNTU but lets not get started there.
  5. I love Vista. It really helps me, as I am not computer savvy!
  6. Why not just get a MAC!? I'm somewhere in the middle. I accept Vista. I try not to get emotionally attached to operating systems - they keep changing! It still locks up on me about the same amount that XP did, but I know I can do things on my computer now that I could never have done before Vista. Like editing one video, viewing another video, working on a web page with Dreamweaver, receiving email, and entering data in an Access database, all at the same time. It's all a process. On to the next adventure! We'll be watching you George.

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1 comment:

Michael Lockridge said...

Glad you could help George out. You all provide me with virtual travel even when I am in jail. (I am a correctional officer. I check in from work, now and then.)

My wife's new machine has Vista. I like it, but if the machine had not come with a base load of 2 gig of memory, it would be a dog. The overhead is awful if you don't have the power to back it up.

Well, quad processors probably help, along with a really fast fsb.

I think George made a good decision. We all love Ms. GQ, but the new machine will probably serve better on this trip.