Saturday, April 05, 2008

Thousand Trails: Peace River

What a welcome! Peace River was our winter home for 2006-07 so we just had to stop by on our way to Fort Lauderdale and say hi.

From the hugs by Suzy and Babette who checked us in, to the obligatory exchange of insults from Bob on his golf cart :-) We felt right at home. Even the gators came out to greet us!

We got a shout of greeting from Jane on the Pickleball courts. We had two visits from fellow datastorm users who get to see us on the Datastorm map as soon as we hookup. Here are Donna and Bob, fulltime RVers for many years. They have an interesting story on their own Blog. The nature trail is every bit as beautiful as I remember. The REAL Florida. We sure missed Debbie though. She was the manager here last year, but March 31 was her last day. After some 20 or 30 years of making sure other people had a good time RVing, she's gone off to RV herself! But her 'recreational vehicle' is a boat. Thank goodness she has a blog so we can enjoy her travels along with her and Richard. Way to go Debbie!

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Greg said...

Not to rain on your Peace River welcome parade, dearie, but it's spring in Florida and inside the old gators the blood is beginning to flow again and "appetites" that have been dormant all winter are stepping up the the plate just as sure as Spring Training comes to Florida each year. So I'm guessing those gators of yours were either hungry or horny. Best use the telephoto lens!

Debbie Do said...

Great to see yall made it to Peace River! I miss them so much! We will head to the keys towards the middle of April so I will hollar at ya then! Enjoy your visit & give lots of hugs from me! See ya soon! Debbie