Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy at Home

What's that old saying? "Travel the world and find happiness in your own back yard." or something like that.

It's so good to see green! (grass and trees that is ... money is another story) The weather has been gorgeous. It's a perfect 76 degrees outside right now. And, everywhere we turn, we see another old friend. I went to my Women's Executive Club luncheon the other day and got so many hugs! Some of these women I've known for 25 years.

I do like Florida. People always ask us about our favorite places in our travels. Southern Utah is gorgeous, Austin Texas is a surprisingly nice city, the wide open spaces and mountains of Wyoming are awe-inspiring, Long Beach Island New Jersey is fun, and California's Central coast is probably my favorite. But Florida ranks up there at the top for liveability and natural beauty. It's the only place warm enough for me in the winter time. It's the only place in this country where you can go kayak diving in warm water. Too bad it's so crowded ... I wonder why ...

Speaking of diving. We volunteered with our Kayuba dive club to work at the Ocean Fest event this weekend.

The event is held right on Fort Lauderdale beach: My mom, Marilyn and her brother, my Uncle John, were also volunteers; Jim took a little time off to enjoy the sights: I'm sure looking forward to a kayak dive soon. We've been awfully busy so far though. Jim is working in the office here at Paradise Island 3 days/week. I had four different appointments this week with old clients and new. 2 for website work, 1 for database programming, and one for good ole computer tutoring. And, in my spare time, I'm trying to get our Geeks on Tour website ready to become a membership website. That's my long term plan for making a living. I'm working on new video tutorials for Photostory 3 and for Windows Vista. When I get them done, I believe there is enough value there to start charging for the videos. Oh - one last thing - I added a 'shoutbox' to the right sidebar here. This is an easier way for you to leave comments on this blog. I first saw the shoutbox on George's blog and really liked it. btw - George has been blogging from Mexico for the last few months - wonderful stories and photos - check it out. He's going to Tulum today. Today, I noticed a shoutbox on Froggi Donna's blog and hers fit in the sidebar. So - I went and got my own. Leave a note and see how you like it. You need to create a name to post under, but that's all. It's *really* easy.

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