Monday, April 07, 2008

Paradise Island - Fort Lauderdale - Home

We're Home now until the end of May when we'll travel to Branson, Missouri for the RV-Dreams rally. We are at home wherever our motorhome is, but this is Home.

Both Jim and I lived in Fort Lauderdale for a little over 20 years before we started our fulltime RV lifestyle. The house we lived in, and sold in 2003, is just a few blocks away. My Mom is about a mile away from this RV park, and Jim's Dad is a couple miles. Jim's son and grandson are about 10 miles. So, yes, this is Home. We have lots of friends here too. It's going to be a busy 2 months!

If you add up all the times we've been parked here at Paradise Island, it would probably total a year - maybe more. We were even here through hurricane Katrina! That was a rockin' good time! It's an old park and the sites are small. The original name of the park was Buglewood. It was built over 30 years ago when a 20 foot travel trailer was a 'big rig!' And ... it is one of a very few RV parks left in South Florida. Most have sold to make way for condos. This place is CROWDED. Especially compared to the luxury sites at Palm Creek, and the wide open spaces of Thousand Trails preserves where we have been staying.

That's why we like to stay here in the summer time. Off-season is the only time there is space. We apparently arrived a little early this year -the park is still full. If you wanted to stay here next winter - you are probably already too late to make reservations! Much of the park is full of people from Quebec who have been coming here every winter for 30 years!

As you can see from the photo, we just barely have room to put our awning out. We knew that the manager would move us to a better site as soon as one opened up. Sure enough, he called us yesterday to say that our favorite site was available! So we moved. At 8pm last night, we had a knock on our door. "You're in our site! We have reservations for this site. You must move." At least, I think that's what he said, French was clearly his first language.

Jim told him, "No - we're not moving tonight." First of all, since Jim works in the office when we're here, he knows that the policy is NOT to reserve specific sites. When a park is this full, they need to option to put people wherever a site becomes available - they cannot make reservations on a site-specific basis unless the reservation is for the whole season. Second of all, I didn't think it was possible that an RVer would arrive well after dark and expect someone to move out of their site regardless of the mixup! Stay tuned, we'll see what happens.

Later ... yes, we did move. After hearing their tale of woe, Jim decided it was a legitimate misunderstanding. No big deal for us to move - our second favorit site was open - and we'll move back when they leave in a few days.
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