Friday, April 25, 2008

My Google Earth Video

"Hey Mikey! They LIKE it!" Remember that commercial? Well, I think people liked the Google Earth video I posted on the blog yesterday.

How do I know?

At the end of the post I suggest that people can see more video by visiting our website at I checked my Google Analytics statistics page and see that visits to were double the normal number yesterday. hmmm - that last spike was exactly one week ago ... and I post to every Thursday ... interesting.

We also had a spike in Newsletter subscriptions yesterday. Instead of the 1-3 per day that come in when nothing is going on, we had 17. Cool! That brings our total to over 1300 now. The newsletter is free, but developing a following like that is what will enable us to charge small amounts for our videos and have it add up to something.

This spike in readers is still nothing like what we got when George mentioned us though. Speaking of George, we expect to see him next week as he passes through Miami on his way to Israel. I don't know if we'll recognize him without Ms. Tioga! He is leaving his motorhome in Mexico while he takes a trip to Israel for a few months. That George is such an adventurous guy.

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