Sunday, April 13, 2008

Investment Conference with Mom

I did my share of investing when tech stocks were hot in 1997-2000. That was fun. When they crashed in 2000-01 ... not so much. I never did learn when to sell. I really haven't cared much for investing since then. But, investing conferences are great. In order to learn what to invest in, you need to learn about what is going on around the world. Some of it is not so good ... shortage of water, food and oil is a major theme now. In investment-speak that means that commodities are hot. The other theme is emerging economies ... the BRIC countries - Brazil, Russia, India and China. They are all becoming more free, and with more freedom comes more economic growth. In investment-speak, that means own global stocks. But, the best part of the conference was getting to spend this much time with my Mom. Even though we were in a hotel in St. Pete, Florida - it felt like we were traveling. We watched a piano recital by a Russian pianist, learned about resort properties in Nicaragua, and enjoyed a wine tasting of Argentinian wine. It was a beautiful hotel: We were in meeting rooms, listening to speakers most of the time, but we took a walk around the block a couple times and took a picture of each other: (more pictures if you click on any of those above) I love traveling. I mostly travel around this country, but thanks to Mom I have traveled to Chile, Ecuador, Turkey, China, and Borneo. Mom travels the world and she takes video when she travels. I help her edit the video and post short clips like this one of Namibia or this one of Bhutan. One of my goals for this stay is to help her edit the video of her last two trips; Central America and China-to-Tibet by train. We gotta get that done before she takes off on her next trip ... to western Australia. I had a great time being out of the RV world for a few days, and in the world of investing possibilities. I may have even learned enough to put my toe back in the investing waters - they taught us about a portfolio strategy so simple, you only have to trade once a year. Thanks Mom!
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