Thursday, April 03, 2008

Gundy - Geekville

It's all about the Blogs! They follow our blog, and we follow theirs. Even though we only spent a few days together when we first met a little over a year ago, we've become 'old' friends! We were thrilled to see that our paths would cross here in Florida so made reservations to stay at Thousand Trails Orlando for a couple nights. Greg and Marilyn greeted us with a special bottle of wine. In case you can't read the label, it's 'Goats do Roam' with a hand-printed second label of 'Geeks do Roam!'

They already had a party going on with their 'cosmic cousin' - they tend to meet up using the cosmic planning method! We added to the party when we got an email from blog readers Kathy, Steve and Gail from Orlando. They said since we were going to be in their neck-o-the-woods, could they take us out to dinner. We said "no - come join the party!"

So, here's our party - new friends and old - all because of blogs.

Kathy, Steve and Gail are very active in the Orlando chapter of FMCA, as well as Florida Geocaching Association. We sure had lots to talk about! We will certainly see them on the road again. Gail says she will be at the RV-Dreams rally in Branson in June, where we will be giving our seminars. Thanks for the visit!

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