Saturday, July 19, 2008

Being Tourists in Minneapolis

We took the afternoon to be tourists in Minneapolis. Thanks Chris L for pushing us to do this! There were gorgeous sights in downtown Minneapolis, right on the Mississippi River. And, they have a nice trail along the river on both banks. We were able to do a circle walk, across one bridge and east to the Guthrie Theatre. The black piece of building jutting out over the walkway is called the 'Endless Bridge' and it is part of the Guthrie Theatre. You're able to go inside. Here's a photo looking out one of the mirrored windows looking west along the river. Notice how the falls on the river requires a lock .. on the left .. to allow boats to get upstream. Here we got to see a barge going into the lock! That's one tall lock! And, it took less than 10 minutes to float the barge to the top and get it on it's way. Then back across on another bridge and west along the north bank of the river back to our car. About 2 miles. Nice walk! More photos on our Picasa Web Album. Just click on any of the photos above, then go forward or backward to see more.
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Anonymous said...

Get out and smell the roses...sure its cliche but also part of the fun of your lifestyle. Glad you got out there to show us the city. I actually almost moved there once. Must have been summer when I had that thought. :-)

Love some of the photos you're taking these days Chris. Take that one of the church turn it to B&W, the sky is perfect for drama. Love it!

Michael Lockridge said...

What camera are you using? I think these photos are excellent! Did you study photography at all? The compositions are very good.

Thanks for helping me vtravel with your blog and fine photos!