Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Busy at FMCA rally

Two seminars each day keeps us pretty busy. Then we promise to be at the computer help desk in the afternoons. That's where we're selling our 'Seminars on a Disk' so we certainly want to be there. And, people are asking for the new Seminar on a Disk for 'Vista: What's New.' As of yesterday, I had 9 videos completed. I stayed up till almost midnight and got a few more done. So, with 13 videos, we're burning our Vista Seminar on a Disk this morning so we can sell them this afternoon!

whew, JIT ... Just in Time. Our Vista seminar is this morning.

We still made a point to get up early enough this morning to attend the exercise class. It's taught by Wayne and Dahelia Hunt from PFIT. They've been at every FMCA rally we've attended and we love their classes. They teach as a team, kind of like Jim and I do. Sure would love to have 'drill sargeant' Wayne along with us as we travel. Maybe we'd get in shape! If you're here at the rally, make sure to attend tomorrow's class: 7am Seminar 11! We'll be there. No more time to write. Check out more photos on our Picasa Web Album.

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