Sunday, July 13, 2008

Iowa to Minnesota

Had a long travel day. Long for us anyway ... 300 miles! About half in Iowa and half in Minnesota. The weather cooperated nicely - finishing all the thunderstorms overnight.

The first sight was downtown Cedar Rapids where they are still in the throes of flood recovery. geez, it looks like New Orleans did.

When we drove across the river, I just couldn't imagine the water level being high enough to cover the bridges ... but it was. Such pretty farmland out in the country. Now, here's a good idea! There's certainly been enough wind! Just before the Minnesota stateline, we decided to take advantage of a rest stop. I wandered around and looked at the exhibits for a few minutes (did you know that Frank Lloyd Wright has several famous buildings in Iowa?) when I heard someone say, "That looks like Chris Guld!" huh? I'm in a rest area in Iowa, where I've never been before and someone recognizes me? It's Beth, who we met at a Datastorm rally in Texas 2 years ago. She follows our blog, and is a member of our Computer Education website. That is such a wonderful thing about RVing - and blogging - you make new friends and keep in touch automatically! I see she's already beat me to the punch on her blog: ChrisBethNBubba. Go visit, and you'll see the picture she took and the nice things she said about us. Thanks Beth! And ... next time don't restrain that hug ok?

Welcome to Minnesota. This is a new state for us.

And now we're happily parked at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds for the FMCA Convention this week. Do you know what the tall monument in the background is? It's just one blade from those giant windmills! Geez, it is HUGE. What a cool photo op!

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