Monday, July 21, 2008

Wolfs Den Lake and Bar

About 100 miles east of St. Paul, in Wisconsin, is a small lakeside resort called Wolf's Den. It's owned by an old friend of Lynne's. Lynne asked us if we could stop by and help them set up a small Wi-Fi hotspot at the bar that's on the property. It's right on our route, so Jim said, "Sure!"

I'm glad we did. It's a pretty spot and an interesting place. They don't look for much business from traveling RVers because they're 90% full with the seasonal residents here. Some folks have been coming here in the summertime for 30-40 years! They get a travel trailer and just park it here permanently as their summer vacation home. We got a spot right on the lakeshore. We had to try a few different positions before we got the satellite to see between the trees, but we did it. The blue building you see on the right is the bar. Pretty convenient eh? What a great party spot! And, that's exactly what happens. Our first night here there were 2 birthday parties going on. And all sorts of fun on the water too. I took advantage of the dock at sunset time to make a leisurely phone call.

And, yes, we took advantage of the bar too! And here's the view out our front windshield.

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