Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Crossing to the U.S.

Just a short trip in Canada. I'd sure love to spend more time ... some other year. Some photos from today:

I think this looks like Iowa or Nebraska.

So, how do you know we were really in Canada? Well here's a dead giveaway: And the fact that you need a calculator to figure out mileage. 1 kilometer = .62 miles. Crossing back into the US took longer than crossing into Canada. We waited about 45 minutes in line. But, they asked even fewer questions. Just looked at our passports, asked how long we'd been in Canada, and waved us on. Not even a 'Welcome Back!' That's one of my Mom's pet peeves. She does a lot of world traveling and always expects a 'Welcome Back' from American customs agents. She usually has to remind them. Bye Bye Canada. We'll be back again someday and spend more time! On to another ROD membership park: Niagara's Lazy Lakes. And my first visit to the Falls. We got there just as the sun had set and soon the multicolored lights came on.

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