Thursday, July 03, 2008

Greetings from the Safari Rally

What a change from last week with complete solitude and nothing to distract me from computer work! When we're at a rally, we're occupied 100% of the time. I'm posting this at 2am ... getting up in the middle of the night is the only way I can keep up with the blog.

We're at the Safari rally in Amana Colonies, Iowa. That's near Cedar Rapids and this is the area that had a lot of flood damage. All is fine here at the park, and the route getting here was dry, but there are a lot of local people who lost their homes. I thought is was a really nice gesture that they took up a collection last night for the relief effort, and Safari International promised to match whatever was collected. There are almost 400 people here, and most of us put something in the jar, so that should be a nice amount.

There are a few new Safari coaches on display. They came all the way from Florida's Lazy Days RV dealership. Apparently, they are the biggest Safari dealer.

Here we are, in a field of clover! We did check out the new coaches. Jim really likes the way they do the dinettes, with cupboards against the wall and a window ledge, then the table coming out from that, and chairs rather than dinette bench. We certainly won't be buying one of these anytime soon ... but, actually I thought the price was rather reasonable! In case you don't know, Safaris are famous for the murals on the back of the coaches. And here's the artist at work - pretty amazing - he's looking at a picture, but all his work is freehand with an airbrush. We also got to meet one of the Perlot family who started Safari. This is Martin, he tells us that his brother designed the motorhome we have. They didn't make very many of our model. It's a Class C, and Safari is known for it's Class A's. We feel it is *Very* special, and we're proud to be the only one here! Thank you 'brother' Perlot! Of course, our main reason for being here is to give our seminars. Here's Jim presenting our Internet on the Road seminar. And, I'd better get back to bed since I'm giving the Picasa seminar in the morning.

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