Friday, July 04, 2008

Geeks get Married

Ten years ago, Jim and I said 'I Do.' Or at least, I think that's what we said! We had an unconventional wedding. It was his second wedding - my first, but I was 45 years old and had never had the desire for a big, regular wedding. We just wanted to have fun. Our first kiss was on a water taxi in our home town of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, so it seemed appropriate to get married on a water taxi. We got all decked out in our finest geekwear ... hawaiian shirts and propeller beanies - 'propeller-head' is another term for 'geek.' During the ceremony, the patches 'Bride' and 'Groom' got ripped off to reveal 'Wife' and 'Husband.' Cute huh? A notary public friend led us through our homemade vows. Then we partied! And we haven't stopped!
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Jim Guld, Mr. Geek said...

Blatant Display of Affection in public.

Bill and Linda said...

Happy anniversary to Chris and Jim! May you still be on the road loving the RV lifestyle for your 50th annivesary!

Bill and Linda

Michael Lockridge said...

Wow! U2b kewl!

Thanks for sharing your adventure. It is fun and refreshing!

I really gotta get a propeller beanie!


Chris Guld said...

THANKS everybody! And, I just had to post this note that we got via email:
We owned the Water Taxi when you were married aboard. got a big kick out of the pictures. The boat is still alvie and well and lives in Fernandina Beach working for Amelia Island Cruises. If you get up that way, pay it a visit.
Happy anniversary.
We definitely need to put Fernandina Beach on our itinerary and take a ride on our wedding taxi again!

Anonymous said...

First Congrats to both of you and many happy years to come!!!!

Secondly, I'll have you know that Fernandina Beach is only about 30 minutes north of me so there you have the excuse you need to come to the Jacksonville area. :-)

Happy Independance Day!!!!

(There are some shots of Fernandina Beach in my web album)

Leno said...

Really enjoyed seeing your pictures. Thanks for sharing. Happy Anniversary! After meeting you at the RV Dreams rally can see how much you enjoy life.
Arlene (Leno(

Marilyn said...

Happy Anniversary
It’s so nice to know people that live life with the enthusiasm you two have. It’s so apparent life is an adventure for you. May it always be so.

Anonymous said...

Hi ... Congratulations on your tenth anniversary!! Loved the pics. Have fun enjoy the next ten plus, plusplus! Happy Trails to you....Carol