Monday, July 07, 2008

GPS without the Satellites?

You gotta watch this video by my favorite geek, David Pogue (well, ok, *second* favorite :-) He shows how your camera can know exactly where you took every photo. NOT because there's GPS built in to the camera but because 'Skyhook' is built into that itsy bitsy camera card.
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Rod Ellison said...

Very cool! Thanks for the link! Using our own personal networks to do something beyond what was intended.. seriously very innovative. In just a few more years, i wonder if Skyhook will be called SkyNet (a la Terminator).

Michael Lockridge said...

That's brilliant! Wow!

All of my technology will soon be talking behind my back!

I am beginning to feel superfluous. Maybe even paranoid. What if I make a comment about my coffee too close to my coffee maker? Suddenly, my hot water heater doesn't have enough hot water for my shower, and the toaster burns the toast!

I love to see innovations like this. It is encouraging, giving hope that other problems can be solved by people thinking and working together.

Thanks for sharing.