Monday, September 15, 2008

Bootcamp to Rally

We finished our Computer Bootcamp yesterday and I think it went quite well. It's not easy to cover 6 topics in two days so that beginners and experienced computer users both learn something, but we did it. Bonnie, with her very first computer, created, saved and edited a word processing document for the first time and learned how to transfer photos from her camera to the computer. Sharon, who has been using a computer for 20+ years identified some connections on her laptop that she didn't know existed, and became more comfortable using Windows Vista. Everyone assured us they learned something.

They look happy don't they?

From Gypsy Journal Rally
From Gypsy Journal Rally
Yesterday, the remains of hurricane Ike blew thru here. it destroyed one vendor's tent and knocked down a few big tree limbs. All is fine with us and we're getting ready for the rally now. We'll be teaching 3 of our seminars here: How to make a Blog, Using Picasa for Digital Photos, and Using Google Earth. We made sure that we were free for the time slot that Nick is giving his seminar "Highway History and Back Road Mystery." It seems we always miss this one whenever we've had the opportunity. If it sounds as interesting to you, it's available as a book at the Gypsy Journal Bookstore. And, if there's enough interest, we might be doing our bootcamp again next weekend.

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