Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rally Life

Here's how it works. One guy decides to take out the garbage. Another guy stops him to talk. Another guy is out walking the dogs and joins in the conversation.

From Gypsy Journal Rally
From Gypsy Journal Rally

The crowd of guys gets larger, the dogs give up on going for a walk, and the garbage never does get tossed.

From Gypsy Journal Rally

Here's our 'booth' at the gypsy journal rally:

From Gypsy Journal Rally

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1 comment:

Michael said...

Lol...those "Morning Gatherings" are an "Important Part" of the Rally and RV life-style, know that!...

Glad to read that it went well out there in Celine.

I'm "looking forward" to seeing you both again, (at the Rally in Casa Grande)...uh,...and also "standing around tossin' da bull with da fellers"...hee hee...