Friday, September 26, 2008

Headed South

We're in Knoxville, Tennessee staying at the Escapees park - Raccoon Valley. We stayed put yesterday to give me a chance to write our newsletter. My weekly article for was also due yesterday. So, while I sat at the computer and wrote ... Jim did the laundry and grocery shopping. If you've ever seen or read Joe and Vicki Kieva talk about RVing, they label the various jobs as blue or pink - and it's true, we have lots of jobs that are either Jim's or my responsibility. But then, there are all those *purple* jobs! We throw them back and forth according to what else is going on, and laundry is definitely one of those jobs.

We're headed 'home' for the winter .. to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. That's where our family is and our home park of Paradise Island. I'm looking forward to swapping travel stories with my Mom. How do you think I'll compare? She's traveled to China and North Korea. We went to Celina, Ohio!

We're entering Florida on the east side this time so we can visit with a couple friends in Jacksonville.

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