Monday, September 29, 2008

More Zoo pics - Dead camera

Glenn was pretty quick on putting up his photos. Check out his web album for some beautiful photos.

You might wonder why we didn't take any good photos ... wellllll .. my camera died a few days ago. While we were at the Air Force museum in Dayton. I took a couple pictures just fine ...then the next one was half black. I thought maybe I had my hand in front of the lens or something so I took another one. Same thing. In fact as I kept taking more pictures the black starting getting bigger. Something was definitely wrong. When I got home, I tried switching batteries ... no change. I tried switching camera card ... lens .... no change. So, it's definitely in the body of my camera. I did a little online research and found that, indeed, this is something that happens. The mirror inside on the shutter falls down and blocks the picture. My camera's shutter is rated for about 10,000 pictures and I probably have taken close to 20,000. It's time for a new one.

So how did we get the few photos we did? With our cell phones! What a modern marvel those little things are! They've rescued us with Internet Access when our $6,000 system failed. And they've rescued us with photos when our $1,000 camera failed. Meanwhile, Jim took some video and I edited it and put it on Youtube. He also took some video at the airforce museum ... haven't edited that yet.

Sure wish Youtube delivered higher quality. I'm rendering the video in another format to upload to my own website. That one will look better. I'll link it here when it's done.

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