Sunday, September 21, 2008

Busy Week

We gave 3 seminars here at the Gypsy Journal rally. Blogger, Picasa and Google Earth. There were probably 60-100 people in each session. We had lots of good feedback. Jim did a couple of service calls and I did some private tutoring.

We also did our Computer Boot Camp on the weekend before the rally AND the weekend after. The 'post rally' Boot Camp had 13 people. That's a pretty big crowd for a hands-on class.

From Gypsy Journal Rally
From Gypsy Journal Rally
Especially considering that some people had Vista and some had XP. One person even had a Mac. She worked with her husband on his XP machine during the class, but I spent a little time with her after class to translate what she learned to her Macintosh.

Internet connection was a real challenge. We definitely prefer to hold these classes in a place that has free Wi-Fi. Not only was there no free Wi-Fi here, there was NO Wi-Fi at all. We originally thought that we could park our motorhome nearby and use Wi-Fi from our Satellite Dish. If you've followed this blog carefully, you know our modems for the Satellite dish died just a few days before we arrived here! :-( Jim used a few spare parts, chewing gum, and bailing wire to get it going once in while but nothing reliable enough to supply a class. For ourselves, we can use our cell phone with Broadband Access connect to get high speed Internet. Amazingly, Jim was able to connect our phone to the server computer, use Internet Connection sharing, a Bridge and a Wireless Access Point to make a Wi-Fi hotspot for the class. Many of the people in the class had their own Data Cards - so we were able to manage.

A good time was had by all!

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