Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Catching up with Statistics

Before there was Blogger, and before we became 'Geeks on Tour' - we had a website called JimandChris.com . It's still there, and I use it as a kind of Table of Contents for this blog. This blog now covers over 5 years and has 1,043 posts. I like to see the big picture, so I keep a list on the JimandChris.com home page with just a few words about each month.

One of the things I do is keep some simple statistics - number of miles we traveled, and what we spent on gas and campsites. I took a look the other day and I hadn't updated it since May! So I brought that up to date. Since we left Florida the first of June, we've traveled 5,000 miles, apent $2,760 in gas, and $695 in site fees. I used to keep statistics on all expenditures, but not now. If you're interested in more detail of what it costs to live on the road like we do, I recommend http://www.rv-dreams.com/ they publish lots of information for people who are interested in full-time RVing including all their budget details.

We're in Hershey, Pennsylvania right now at a Thousand Trails park. It was so hard to tear ourselves away from our beautiful spot on Long Beach Island! Maybe next year we'll spend a month there!

It appears that the modems on our Satellite Internet system may have bit the dust - Jim has had the whole system on 'life support' for a couple years now - they're way beyond their normal life expectancy! So, we brought our laptops up to the Rec center where they have free WiFi. Don't have enough Verizon signal to use the Broadband on our phone either.

We have to leave tomorrow to be in time for the Gypsy Journal rally in Celina, Ohio. Jim is going to try to take a peek at the big RV show that happens to be here in Hershey this week.

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