Sunday, September 14, 2008

Computer Boot Camp

We started our pre-rally Computer Boot Camp here at the Gypsy Journal rally yesterday. We really like this rally. Our first one was in Casa Grande AZ back in January. It's fun to be a vendor here because your 'booth' is at your RV. Vendors are going to be in a circle here. Too bad we don't have some covered wagons! :-)
From Geeks on Tour Blog 200809
From Geeks on Tour Blog 200809
I just wanted to post a short note ... we need to get started on our second day of the boot camp. Nick Russel from Gypsy Journal did a really nice write up about us on his blog today (Sunday, September 13 entry). And, we're taking down our canopy, tables and awnings due to a wind advisory from the outside edge of hurricane Ike. ... we should have stayed in Florida this summer if we wanted to avoid hurricanes!
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Chris said...

The people in the picture all seem to have head sets on, why is that?
Does this mean I need to run out and buy a head set for my laptop, and is so, what ones do I need to buy???

Chris Guld said...

The headsets are for when we have everyone watch one of the tutorial videos on their class disk. If you have a headset, great ... if not, we will provide one.