Friday, September 26, 2008

Greetings from South Carolina

We were hoping to stop at Chimney Rock and go for a nice walk. We stopped here many years ago - long before RVing - and I still remember it as a gorgeous place. Unfortunately it was raining, so we kept on driving. Sure is pretty country though ... even in the rain.

From Geeks on Tour Blog 200809

As you've heard on the news, the gas stations really are out of gas here. Prices are blank and nobody's home. One station was open and had a line of cars out in the street. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

From Geeks on Tour Blog 200809

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1 comment:

Keith and Kathy said...

Laundry is PINK, no argument.

Sounds like your business is starting to gain traction. That's really great! Hope you enjoy your winter in Florida.

Keith & Kathy