Sunday, October 12, 2008

Experiment with video hosting

There are now soooo many choices in how to produce, manage, and host videos. My head is spinning. I have decided to devote some time to exploring and experimenting. I may end up deciding the way I've done it on is still the best way. But, I have to know about these other hosts.

This video is an old one of our first few months on the road. We created it using Photo Story 3, so it is a .wmv file. I upoaded it to and used their procedure to embed it here. Please leave me some comments as to how this looks (and sounds) to you. I'm especially interested in feedback from Macintosh users. Since this is a windows media file, I expect that Mac users won't be able to see it at all. However, it is using a player from the web, rather than your computer's media player, so I could be wrong.

10/13/08: enough of you watched the video that we exceeded the free limit of bandwidth on screencast - so I have now linked to the free video host Viddler.

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Mark Furukawa said...

Works quite nicely in IE 7.05 with DSL - clear, smooth sound and video.

I also tried it with Firefox 3.0.3 on the same PC, same DSL - it just keeps saying "Video is loading...". I'm guessing my Firefox needs a simple twiddle. I've had this happen at some other sites, but haven't bothered to twiddle since I so seldom 'do' videos and IE works. I'm betting most Firefox users are geeky enough that they'd tweak until it worked, and thank you for the opportunity.

Keith and Kathy said...

Works well with IE v.? running under Vista and Verizon 727 air card. Resolution is good, sound is clear, and no annoying interruptions which are so common with many streaming videos.

I thought the videography was very well done. My personal preference would have been for narraive instead of music, but that's strictly a personal thing.

We enjoy following your travels, and watching your business grow and gain traction.

Best wishes, and travel safe,

Keith & Kathy

Diane said...

Firefox 3.0.1 - no problems at home on my Comcast.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris -
We run Firefox 3.0.3 on a cable hookup during the winter. No problems.
This one almost inspires me to try a "story" with some photos. I'll look at the screencast site. I've had PhotoStory on a backburner to try one of these days. A friend went to your class at Minneapolis and said we had to do it.
I really like the music, but can you mix music and narration? [Now I'm really ticked off - I don't need a new hobby/learning experience right now! How will I ever get my office and genealogy junk cleaned out?]
Thanks, and enjoy sitting about Florida! We're sitting about Yuma.


Marilyn said...

Looks good and sounds good on RV Park Wi-Fi (DSL). I also would like narration by you instead of music. I recognized many of the places but not all and am curious where the ones I didn’t recognize were.