Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New Computers

What's the deal? People keep giving Jim new computers ... cool! Then taking them back ... bummer! Actually, it's just that whenever Jim is around, it seems to make people want to buy new computers. When we were visiting Jimmy in New Jersey, he bought a new laptop. As soon as we hit town last week, Jim's sister called and said, "Will you help me buy a new computer?"

He becomes their 'personal shopper.' There's nothing he likes better than going to Best Buy, or CompUSA, Brandsmart, Circuit City, or Dell online, and comparing computers! And Debbie and Jimmy loved having someone to interpret all the specifications and tell them what they needed. Then, after the purchase, the computer is Jim's for a couple days. He gets to see what they're bundling with new computers these days ... and then he removes most of it. He does all the updates ... you'd be surprised that a new computer off the shelf is very out of date. He installs and configures, anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and makes their recovery disks.

Then I sat down with Debbie and made her fill out the pertinent pages from our new 'Computer Companion.' Like make, model, memory, hard-drive, Service tag ID, support phone number - and lots of other stuff. We came up with this 'Computer Companion' as a workbook for our Computer Boot Camp class ...but I'm thinking everyone should have one!

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