Monday, October 27, 2008

Full Weekend

I don't take as many pictures when we're parked as when we're in travel mode. Besides, my camera is still being repaired ... it should be back this week.

But that doesn't mean there isn't plenty going on. Both Jim and I had appointments with long-time clients for computer work. Interestingly, they both had digital video on their minds. Computers and digital video has become a big thing and there is SOO much to know. In my appointment, we only use Picasa. I am so impressed with Picasa 3's new video capabilities. If you have one of those built-in webcams at the top of your computer screen, you can now use Picasa to record your video, save it to your computer, and it's one-click to upload it to Youtube!

On Sunday, I spent most of the day with my Mom. We watched the first couple hours of digital video that she took in her recent travels to Cyprus and Jordan. We just watched her raw footage from the camera tapes. The next task is to edit it. This is beyond Picasa. Picasa can manage short video clips. We use Adobe's Premier Elements to do the editing. That's going to take a while.

And, what was Jim doing on Sunday? Football! The Dolphins played at 'home.' Bill, the manager of this RV park, had an extra ticket and invited Jim to go watch the game live. What a treat. And, the Dolphins even won!

A good weekend all around.

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